Everything About Renting a Car in Alanya

Everything About Renting a Car in Alanya

Everything About Renting a Car in Alanya

Alanya stands out as one of the most visited districts of Antalya every year. It is a fascinating seaside location with its exquisite beaches, natural beauties and historical texture.

You need a cheap, new, well-equipped vehicle and a rent a car company that provides instant service whenever you have questions. You can reach Alanya, which is approximately 125 km away from the D400 highway, with the car you rent from our Antalya Airport branch, or if you have come directly to Alanya Gazipaşa Airport, you can rent the most suitable vehicle for you from our branch.

Renting a car involves more comprehensive questions, in simple details, than what type of vehicle you will drive, and what type of gear. First of all, you will rent a vehicle with automatic transmission as a driver. So how many people are you? If you are more in number and you have a lot of luggage, the luggage volume in the car you rent will also be a decisive criterion. You have also determined vehicles according to your baggage volume and the number of people. So, is it just to go to your destination with a passenger vehicle, an open-top vehicle that doubles comfort and enjoyment, or an SUV-type vehicle that is higher than the ground for the rough terrain? We are here for all your questions about the most equipped vehicles at the cheapest price.

Where to go in Alanya?

Dim Cave, just east of Alanya, is one of the must-see places. About 230 meters below this natural area, which is open to tourism, Dim Creek and Dim Valley are located. Damlataş Cave, another cave on the sea shore, is very famous. Dripstone, Turkey's first cave opened to tourism in 1948 was found as a result of ignition of dynamite. The octagonal built Kızılkule, the symbol of the city, is located in Alanya Harbor. The house where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk stayed during his visit to Alanya in 1935 was turned into Atatürk House Museum. The house, which reflects the examples of 19th century Turkish architecture, contains Atatürk's personal belongings and the letters he sent.

The most beautiful place where you can swim in Alanya is undoubtedly Cleopatra Beach. Cleopatra Beach, located at the foot of Alanya Castle, is named after the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. You can spend a calm day on the beach, which stands out with its clear sea and golden sand. On the Pirates Island, Lovers Island and Phosphorus Cave boat tour, you can both swim and visit the caves with historical and natural features.

Sapadere Canyon with karstic formation is one of the places recommended to be visited especially in the spring months. Swimming in the pool consisting of the water flowing from the waterfall is a completely different experience.

What to Eat in Alanya?

Seafood also stands out as a delicious option in Alanya, where Mediterranean cuisine influences are seen. Haddock at a shabby beach restaurant or tile trout you can eat around Dim Stream will be a very enjoyable experience. If you want to taste local delicacies, you can try other popular flavors such as soup with rose, stuffed laba, stuffed zucchini flowers, which are very popular in Alanya as a wedding dinner. Kebab and meat dishes are also very popular in Alanya. You can also find shabby restaurants famous for their lungs around Alanya Castle.

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