Alanya Caria Car Rental - Rent a car - Return Conditions

Alanya Caria Car Rental - Rent a car - Return Conditions

Driving License

To rent a car, you must be over 21 years old and have a Group B driving license for at least 2 years.

Rental Period

The minimum car rental period is 24 hours for daily rentals and 30 days for monthly rentals.


Damage Liability Assurance, Theft Assurance and 18% Value Added Tax are included in the daily car rental service price. The mileage right is limited to 4000 km, with the maximum limit being 30 days. Mileage excess fee varies on a group basis and you can get detailed information from our reservation center or offices. Fuel, Personal Accident Assurance, Minor Damage Assurance, Optional Liability Assurance, One-Way Fee, Delivery / Pick-up Fee (0-26 km) depending on office availability, Baby Seat, Navigation, Bridge and Highway Crossing with Additional Driver Device-Card Usage Fee is calculated separately. The vehicles are delivered to the customer with an empty tank. For monthly rentals, the mileage right is limited to 3000 km. Mileage exceedance fee varies on a group basis. You can get detailed information from our reservation center or offices.

One Way Fee

If the vehicle is picked up from one city and returned to another city, a one-way fee stipulated by Caria Car Rental is applied. Fee information varies by office and can be viewed at the reservation stage. You can get detailed information by calling our Reservation Center.

Additional Driver

In order for the vehicle to be used by a person and/or persons other than the renter, it is possible to add the Driving License information of the additional driver to the Rental Agreement for an additional fee. In case of any accident by the user(s) who are not included in the rental agreement, all assurances will be deemed invalid and both the renter and the person(s) driving the vehicle will be held separately and jointly responsible. You can call our Reservation Center for prices and detailed information. (Additional driver rental conditions are the same as those in the Driver's License and Age Restrictions.)

Vehicle Delivery

You will be informed at our offices about the vehicle you have reserved, and your credit score will be checked and evaluated using the Findeks application of the Credit Registration Bureau. If your credit limit is not deemed appropriate for prepaid reservations, the car rental fee will be refunded to you within 7-14 days.

Early or Late Return

For delays up to 3 hours in the return of vehicles, 1/3 of the rental price applied in the contract will be charged for each hour, and for delays exceeding 3 hours, 1 day's rental price will be charged.


The total rental amount and security deposits are collected at the beginning of the rental via the credit card of the person renting the vehicle. It is also possible to pay at the office by credit card, cash or bank transfer. For vehicle groups M, D, J, E, P, L and K, it is necessary to present two credit cards from different banks.

The rental agreement is subject to the Caria Car Rental General Rental Conditions, which are opened at the time of rental.

  The credit card holder must be present in person during rental. Rentals cannot be made with someone else's credit card. In addition to the rental fee, a certain amount of deposit is collected from the credit card presented by the customer, depending on the brand and model of the vehicle to be rented. For this reason, there must be limit availability (as much as the total cost of rent and deposit). The amount collected as a deposit will be collected at the end of the rental, if any, including the above-mentioned additional services, guarantees, missing fuel, damage, fines, etc. It will be refunded to the same card after deducting the fees not included in the reservation, such as. Deposit refunds are reflected on your credit card within 3-5 business days after the refund is made, based on the bank's internal communication.

Online payment terms

'Online Immediate Payment' indicates that the rental fee and selected additional service fees will be paid online. If you wish to purchase other services in addition to renting, the cost of these services can be paid when you pick up the vehicle at the sales office. Due to 3D security, it is not mandatory for the card holder and the reservation holder to be the same person during online payment, but they must present their own credit card during the rental and the deposit must be made.

If Caria Car Rental cannot provide the rental service due to its own reasons, the entire amount previously paid by the customer is refunded.

Caria Car Rental Prepaid Reservation Forms, which show a prepaid amount, replace the payment of only the amounts written on the reservation form for prepaid reservations for rentals to be made at Caria Car Rental rental locations.

Additional services and assurances that the customer may request at the beginning or during the rental process, as well as fuel, one-way, etc. Does not include expenses. Other services not included in the amount stated in the Prepaid Reservation Forms

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