Fly to Alanya Airport

Fly to Alanya Airport

Fly to Alanya Airport

Turkey is one of the developing countries. Since this country has moderate climate, many tourists are choosing Turkey for their holidays. With increasing demand, different airports such as Alanya Airport are used for all these flights.

If you want to plant your holiday in Antalya, you will have two options. There are two airports in the city. Both of these airports are open for domestic and international flights. So, people from other countries can easily use these airports.

Is Alanya Airport and Gazipaşa Airport Same?

Actually, Alanya Airport and Gazipaşa Airport are the same. People often use both of these terms to talk about the airport. Official name of this airport is Gazipaşa International Airport. But if you are in Turkey and ask for direction, you can either use Alanya or Gazipaşa. People will understand you and give you a direction.

Is Alanya Airport and Antalya Airport Close?

Antalya Airport and Alanya Airport are not close to each other. You need to drive at least 2 hours. For this reason, it is important to book a flight according to your destination. If you are planning to visit Antalya centre, Kemer or Kaş, in that case Antalya Airport will be a better option. This airport is closer to these destinations.

But if you planned your holiday in Alanya, Side or Mersin, Alanya or Gazipaşa Airport will be a better option. Driving to Alanya centre or Side is shorter from this airport. Also, there are different rent a car services in this airport. You can rent a car and receive your car from the airport.

Why Should I Rent a Car from Airport?

When you land to Antalya, you need to find a means of transportation to reach your destination. Rental cars are good option as you probably will have lots of bags to carry. You can directly receive your car from airport and start enjoying your holiday.

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