Fly to Gazipaşa Airport to Decrease Travel Time

Fly to Gazipaşa Airport to Decrease Travel Time

Fly to Gazipaşa Airport to Decrease Travel Time

If you want to visit Alanya, you will have two airport options. These options are Antalya Airport and Alanya Gazipaşa Airport. Antalya Airport is close to Antalya city centre. But you need to drive at least 2 hours from this airport to reach Alanya centre or your hotel in Alanya.

For this reason, many domestic and international flights are organised to Alanya Airport. It takes less than one hour to reach Alanya centre. Also, you might reach your hotel in less than 30 minutes if your hotel is close to airport.

Alanya Gazipaşa Airport

When Alanya Gazipaşa Airport started operations in 2010, only domestic flights were organised. People from Turkey could easily fly to this aiport. But in 2011, this airport gained an international status. This means, flights from different countries are now organised to this aiport.

With this status, Alanya Airport has become popular among international flight carriers. AS Turkey and Alanya is popular among European citizens, number of flights increased gradually. Currently, it is possible to find direct flights form Germany, Denmark, Finland and Holland. Also, flights are organised from Poland, Russia and Azerbaijan as well. With these direct flight, number of tourists visiting Alanya are increase every year.

Rent a Car from Gazipaşa Airport

When you fly to Gazipaşa Airport, you can rent a car to reach your hotel. Our firm offers a high-quality rent a car service for domestic and international tourists. We have a large car fleet to meet different needs of our visitors.

You can find smaller cars for couples or large cars for large families. Also, we are offering motorcycle rental services as well. If you visit our Alanya centre office, you can rent a bike to discover this amazing region. For all these cases, renting a car from Gazipaşa will make your trip easier and enjoyable.

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